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Twana Johnson

A Beacon of Resilience, Empowerment, and Beauty

Meet Twana Johnson, the indomitable spirit and visionary behind the Epitome of a Woman Showcase. Born in the heartland of the Mississippi Delta and now lighting up the cityscape of Memphis, Tennessee, Twana is not just the founder of this transformative event; she is its living embodiment.

The youngest of five children, Twana’s life story is one of overcoming adversity with unshakable faith and sheer willpower. She attended Jackson State University and Mississippi Valley State University, and she holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. But her true education came from the school of life.

Twana knows what it’s like to have the odds stacked against her. There was a time when she faced homelessness, losing almost all her material possessions. But one thing she never lost was her Faith in God. Today, her story is one of resilience and hope, a testament to the power of belief and the resilience of the human spirit. Twana isn’t just a woman of words; she’s a woman of action. With a diverse career spanning 17 incredible years in the modeling industry, she has been featured in movies, music videos, commercials, magazines, and numerous fashion shows. Alongside her modeling career, she also wears the hats of a boutique owner and a personal trainer.

The founder of Runway Redi Boutique & Fit with Twana, based in Memphis, Twana is deeply committed to enhancing lives. Whether it’s mentoring aspiring models on the art of the catwalk or coaching clients on achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle, Twana’s ethos revolves around holistic wellness—physical, spiritual, and mental.

Twana’s knack for empowerment doesn’t stop at fashion and fitness. Through her unique empowerment workshops and etiquette classes, she lifts people up, helping them discover their own brand of fabulous. Twana is more than a professional; she’s a beacon of inspiration, motivating individuals to rise above their circumstances and unlock their ultimate potential.

Join us, as we embark on this unparalleled journey to rediscover and celebrate the epitome of what it means to be a woman.

Twana’s latest endeavor, the Epitome of a Woman Showcase, is an extension of her lifelong commitment to uplift, inspire, and transform. This event is more than just a showcase; it’s a gathering of trailblazers, artists, business owners, and everyday people united by a shared vision—to celebrate the indomitable spirit of womanhood in all its facets.

In the timeless words of Maya Angelou, “If you are always trying to be average, you will never know how great you can be.” With Twana Johnson at the helm, the Epitome of a Woman Showcase promises to be anything but average.


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Hosted by Twana Johnson, this action-packed weekend offers everything from enriching workshops and celebrity guests to dazzling fashion shows and a soul-nourishing Empowerment Brunch celebrating sisterhood and unity.

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